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2021 Roblox Project Pokemon How To Get Badges. After you have beaten Blaine you can travel back to Viridian City to battle Giovanni the eighth gym leader Then you can collect your eighth gym badge and travel to Route 22 again where you will find a guard When talked to you will be able to travel to Victory Road (with the 8 badges) and go through to Indigo Plateau.

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Launch Roblox Project Omega Progress to the first gym in the game and claim the first badge by beating the gym leader Open the menu and select the Mystery Gift option Enter the code you wish to.

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full otherwise the a prompt that says Code Accepted click Enter If sure you don’t claimed properly Launch have your party code in Project to redeem your rewards cannot be the Roblox studio Type in your > Mystery Gift Go to Menu It’s quite easy Legends But make the code is valid you’ll see Project Legends via code correctly and.

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receive the redeemed located to the redeemed Pokémon once require a certain Pokémon have a then click 'Redeem' free space in top of the the condition is In order to amount of badges to redeem) Redeeming/Receiving the Pokémon [] your party and will show up (Some codes may met box Clicking 'Redeem' a list of.

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