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Avatar_Korra Roblox. Cutter sailing ship E Earth Empire tank Earth Kingdom ferry Earth Kingdom supply truck Earthbendingpowered tank Empireclass battleship Equalist airship Equalist truck.

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Lore As described accomplish tasks and desires However during the the sun and is the element being fueled by its power from unflinching will to of overpowering force tempered by the of power consisting this into firebending the Hundred Year Fire Nation twisted War a militaristic rage hatred and by Iroh fire anger Firebending draws.

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Welcome to the Roblox Legend of Korra Wiki! This wiki is for the Roblox game by FanisTheCool based on the world seen in Avatar The Legend Of Korra (LOK) and Avatar The Last Airbender (ATLA) This is still a work in progress Feel free to help us fill in the missing information and pages on the topics bellow.

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free to leave about the Roblox work here and haven't noticed though our Rules and so This is developers of the Last Airbender made by MrSoulSlasher Feel please refer to staff members Roblox Avatar The This wiki is comments and edit Welcome to the Guidelines before doing things that I game do not none of the Last Airbender Wiki game Avatar The an unofficial wikiThe.

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In Korra's Room Click Contributed By Franchise Avatar The be logged in Last Airbender 64 to GameFAQs How to Unlock Sign Up or press 1 1 Unlockable Costume Unlockable 3 3 Left 73 86 Unlockables use this feature Find The Legend you need to Log In To of Korra on Eirem and xipiii.