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Bloxxer T Shirt Roblox. Tshirts (formerly known as shirts before the shirts feature was implemented) are a wearable decal visible on the front of an avatar’s torso which will show up ingame and on the avatar’s picture on the website They can be layered over shirts and pants Most of the time Tshirts are made to run ads advertise groups gain donations andHistoryPopular usageBefore March 2007 Tshirts could only be sold by Roblox and other Roblox staff as well as players who heavily contributed to the community (such as MrDoomBringer who helped maintain the official Roblox Wiki) were rewarded with unreleased character customization features of th Text under.

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Bloxxer Anyone who has earned this badge is a very dangerous player indeed It is given to the warrior who has bloxxed at least 250 enemies and who has tasted victory more times than he or she has suffered defeat Salute! Those Robloxians who excel at combat can one day hope to achieve this honor the Bloxxer Badge.

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veterans discount if you remember this You deserve a tshirt.

Bloxxer Roblox

Bloxxer Roblox

Bloxxer Roblox

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