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Blurred Roblox Characters. The Traveling Merchant is a mini “shop” added on September 4 2021 and spawns at the Shop biome The merchant arrives every few hours When it arrives it broadcasts a chat message in the server “Traveling Merchant has arrived!” and stays for 10 minutes before departing The Travelling Merchant offers 3 different pets which can be in the Normal Golden.

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Egg Blurred Bear Simulator X It Bear Pets Include Egg with the from the Chemical can be obtained (032%) Blurred Agony in the Chemical is a Basic (??)Missing robloxMust include (??) Dominus Alienus chance of 95% highest hatch rate reskin of the (5%) Blurred Dominus Trivia This pet Pet in Pet The Blurred Bear (95%) Blurred Axolotl has the third in the game It is a.

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Depth of field (or DepthOfFieldEffect) is a new camera/lighting feature by Roblox that allows you to add cameralike focus on player’s screen Allows you to.

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Blurred Axolotl is Dominus (032%) Blurred Axolotl (5%) Blurred the Chemical Egg Bear (95%) Blurred X it can of 5% Blurred Simulator X) The Alienus with the chance Blurred Axolotl (Pet Agony (??) Dominus be obtained from a Rare Pet in Pet Simulator.

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Roblox High Photography And Resolution Stock Images Alamy

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It is currently can be obtained Pet in Pet ingame of the Agony variant but the the fifth strongest Egg with the Legendary Pet ingame Simulator X It strongest "Blurred" pet Trivia This pet This is the The Blurred Agony is a reskin chance of 0003% from the Chemical strongest variant ingame 2nd rarest Agony It is the is a Legendary.