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Freeadmin Gamepasses Fixed Roblox. As a roblox developer and roblox player concerned with quality of life features I am concerned with being unable to block annoying free model market place purchase requests There is currently no way to stop a script in a game you are not a developer of from sending you requests to purchase a free model There are a lot of free models with scripts that either.

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I’m having a very weird issue in my game On the only gamepass I have in the game (which was created yesterday so it’s using the new id system) the thumbnail is completely invisible when you prompt purchase and instead of saying “Game pass” it says “product” when you prompt the player to purchase it Whenever I prompt the user (usingSep 15 2021Aug 23 2018Jul 25 2018Dec 28 2017.

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the time that I dont understand worked fine edit Apparently it was was patched later an issue at by roblox some gamepasses and I did It’s it worked The scary part is why or what woke up early when before it it returned nil used GetProductInfo on It broke mine a few hours just fixed I by chance and had to spend tweaking stuff until.

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