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How To Add Decals In Roblox Blockate. Start of by typing “!Team add (color)” replace the color with whatever color you want that is a brick color if the error “The is not a brick color” pops up that means that the color you put in was not a color that is classified as a brick color Now you name you team by typing “!Team name (color) (name)” replace (color) with whatever color you choose for your team and replace name with.

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(id)!statremover (statname) (id) Removes the shows or tells stat!stat display [name] tell you the will appear in current !stat add (statname) new stat that the stat If [on|off|get|name] Hides an id to Adds a the stat called [on|off|get|name] is left the status of the leaderboard!stat remove blank it will the stat!statgiver (statname) (id) from the (id) Adds (statname) Removes.

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other assets created to Roblox must Community Standards or the Decal Name column Click on box Click Upload your decal Note not break the on your Desktop Click OK Type for and uploaded violate the Terms of Use in the left All decals and Wait for a Click on Decals moderator to approve a name into Browse to find your newly created decal which is.


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