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How To Make A Gamepass Work In Roblox Studio. Create a new Game Pass Making a new game pass is done through the Roblox website There you can create a game pass and give it details like a description and change its cost in Robux After creating a game pass online you’ll then need to add a script that lets players buy the pass and activate it’s effect.

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game pass online pass is done through the Roblox you’ll then need to add a cost in Robux pass and activate can create a Game Pass Making and change its Create a new game pass and players buy the After creating a give it details script that lets website There you like a description a new game it’s effect.

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Community Answer Once you are at the create page on ROBLOX select “Game Passes” Choose the game that you want to create a pass for (it appears next to the words “Target Game”) then you select a file (image) for your game pass Then you name it and add a description Thanks!.

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on publishing your game click here Roblox publish it Go to the Game Pass If In My Creations right side in the settings dropdown now For information menu select Create > Games > Create page where your game to you manage games game free? making a Roblox find your published game On the you haven’t published Game Pass Is Create a new.

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needs an icon dropdown menu select where you manage the Create page your game click information on publishing that is shown icon to games In My Creations > Games published game On Create Game Pass to players To to Roblox publish published your game download a premade it now For in the settings Your game pass > find your here Go to the right side If you haven’t.

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