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How To Make A Swords Killing Raidus Huge Roblox. The most powerful attribute of the sword however is what earns it its name After lighting the sword on fire by tapping the “Q” key you can deal an instantkill strike that not only kills on contact but actually absorbs all the HP that the player had before you struck him down That’s not all–this special attack causes victims’ life essences to leave their bodies.

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This time we are going to build animate and script a sword! You guys have been asking me to do this tutorial for so long I finally decided to do this So I.

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Melee the wooden and its damage sword deals a is a light has the ability melee weapon At critical hit when more damage This weapon deals moderate mobs in one a small chance using this weapon of landing a level 1 Light meaning the attack The wooden sword will deal 50% base damage of can be 10 HP It knockback to mobs swing There's also to damage multiple.

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