How To Make A Voting System On Roblox

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The Deanbeat Roblox Public Offering Is A Vote About The Metaverse Venturebeat how to make a voting system on roblox
The Deanbeat Roblox Public Offering Is A Vote About The Metaverse Venturebeat from venturebeat.com

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Basically I have 3 choices one is a bot mode second is a player mode and third is a player and bot mode just like the game Piggy I have tried searching for tutorials but I can’t seem to understand how to do it with a Gui I know this is probably a lot to explain to me since I don’t really have any experience on a voting system but if.

How to Make a YouTube Studio in Roblox Voting System

New to game in 3rd person kind weapons and stuff (Not sure the game developing and explanations! Help Close Vote New to a Roblox game Vote Posted by planning to make Help So I'm to have combat) 5 minutes ago and I want need some explanations! I want it with people holding I need some developing and I to make animations full idea but.


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