How To Make Clones Of Others In Roblox Studio

How To Make Clones Of Others In Roblox Studio. local copy = originalClone() copyParent = originalParent copySetPrimaryPartCFrame(CFramenew(51432 12 3084)) wait(5) print(“Box Duped”) the Box is in replicated storage It prints the box has been duped but no box appearsMissing roblox studioMust include Jan 31 2021Aug 07 2020Oct 02 2019Apr 08 2019.

How To Clone Blocks In Roblox Studio Youtube how to make clones of others in roblox studio
How To Clone Blocks In Roblox Studio Youtube from How to clone blocks in Roblox Studio

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Go to the part you want to clone from ServerStorage gameServerStoragePart With that put Clone() on the end ROBLOX will make a nil duplicate so it should go like so gameServerStoragePartClone() And to take it into workspace just put a Parent = workspace at the end gameServerStoragePart.

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