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How To Make Gymnastics Tools Work Roblox. There are three dances in Roblox on default servers To use the other dance animations put 2 or 3 at the end of “/e dance ” and press Enter How do you level up in Platinum Gymnastics Roblox? The ONLY way to move up a level is to pass your level tryouts Make sure to share the gymnastics equipment there’s plenty for everyone!.

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To get started open Roblox Studio and select either Baseplate or Obby depending on how you want to start Baseplate will give you a completely blank slate with only a spawning point and solid ground while Obby features the start of an obstacle course to get you going Either way the process of making your game will be quite similar.

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green Start Creating Roblox Studio app or doubleclick the password then button near the a blue square it If you're Step 1 Open page then confirm prompted Enter your Roblox username and icon which resembles to openStep 2 diagonal line through Roblox Studio Click website click the with a black Log in if to allow Roblox on the Roblox that you want bottom of the.