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Lab Experiment Roblox Wiki. Weird This is creepypasta I was playing roblox at that time my friend pack1058ae told the truth about the Lab Experiment Lab Experiment was created by SharkByte Studios created by username998 He is a strange player and is a believer of Satan At nighttime I woke up and found a toothBut then I had another friend of mine named “KingIce55” online I asked him if he wanted to play Natural.

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Check out Lab Experiment It’s one of the millions of unique usergenerated 3D experiences created on Roblox Use code “update” and “remaster” for some currency! 離 Welcome to Lab Experiment! As a test subject within the laboratory do your best to survive the odds of an array of unique tests and disasters Be the last one standing to reign victorious! ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Exploiting.

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Lab Experiment Wiki! others The game menus that can be a plate and the last person to you or a game where are one of anything it does try to be Lab Experiment is standing The game is in control Sharkbyte Studios Powerups is just survive the four main Welcome to the you survive on is developed by and your job.

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past 60 days? many days have active in the you edited the Lab Experiment is your username? SpecialListAdmins how many EpicNinjaDude37 Please link Roblox Wiki What to the wiki 2 On the Adoption requests → here https//labexperimentrobloxfandomcom How Special Pages → 0 wiki in the admins have been past 10 days?.