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Roblox Castle Defense Codes Wiki. This page lists glitches and bugs if you have found a glitch that isn’t listed on this page you may add it here if you want When you go into an infinite mode lobby you may see one of the maps stuck on 1 second When it is stuck on 1 it is impossible to go on that map There is no known solution but it happens when you go into that map quick start and leave straight away and then.

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Zed is a Spawner Tower that can be unlocked for 5400 credits and can be bought ingame for $5650 The Zed spawns mech units that deal 4 damage per shot and shoots about 6 times per second (Turret 24 DPS) with its rotary cannon and has 420 health which can collide with zombies (Base 93 DPS) Each player has a placement capacity of 5 Zeds and the spawntime of the Zed.

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