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Roblox High Sschool. In Roblox High School 2 you will be getting to experience what it is like to be either a student in high school or one of various jobs you can do as an adult This is a roleplaying game so you are only limited by your imagination! Join up with some friends and try out various different things to experience what they might be like in real life!.

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By @Cindering Earn this Badge in Roblox High School [Legacy] Attend your first day at Roblox High School Type Badge Updated Jan 24 2016 Description Attend your first day at Roblox High School.

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this promo code RHS2 codes have and receive 100 redeemable GRANDOPENING Submit Expired Codes These Roblox High School Credits HappyNewYear Submit this promo code already expired not credits this promo code and receive 250 2 Codes – and receive 219 gems SpecialDay Submit.