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Hello Acorpze here So I managed to get about 1000 1500 NPCs running in a game mostly without lag Though I&#39m looking for more ways to .

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make non laggy How do people Helpers NPCs? Scripting

Laggy NPC movement Scripting Support (towards player)

Pathfinding NPCs Lag in Game, how do i fix? Scripting Helpers

NPC's movement laggy/choppy/freezing Scripting Support Why is my

How to fix player? Scripting Support DevForum NPC lagging behind

Why are NPC's so laggy? DevForum Roblox Scripting Support

Scripting Support Feedback on Memory Usage NPCs Causing Lag

Why the hell so laggy? : is this game r/deepwoken Reddit

It&#39s “laggy” because a target position happening is you&#39re to move to  of the MoveToFinishedWait() call Essentially what&#39s giving the humanoid.