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Roblox Slow Fall Script. scriptParentTouchedConnect(function(hit) local h = hitParentFindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) gets the Humanoid of the player that touched it h is our variable to get the humanoid if h ~= nil then hHealth = 0 If you want to change this into speed do WalkSpeed = [number here] if you want to do jumppower do hJumpPower = [number.

Tatakai Farm Money Strength Roadwork Update 2 roblox slow fall script
Tatakai Farm Money Strength Roadwork Update 2 from v3rmillion.net

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It has gotten progressively worse to the point where doing anything in studio even nonscript stuff will lag A simple print statement will take almost five minutes to do simply due to the waiting (complete with the buffering Mac cursor icon) I’ve tried restarting my Mac unintstalling and reinstalling ROBLOX and ROBLOX Studio but to no avail.

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