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Roblox Spider Antlers Event. The RBB Event is a near failure Discussion This is a post mainly made to explain the countless flaws of the RBB event and how it could have been developed better This will probably contain a lot of my thoughts and might even sound a like a rant but I’m hoping the developers take these statements into consideration in making future events Missing spider antlersMust include.

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OverviewAppearanceObtainingSpider Antlers is a hat that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on October 15 2018 It could have been obtained as a prize during the Hallow’s Eve (2018) event As of December 5th 2021 it has been favorited over 46000 times Text under.

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IN Roblox Halloween http//bitly/2qtujpcTwitter https//twittercom/RazorfishGamingRoblox Event 2018Subscribe HOW TO GET THE SPIDER ANTLERS Profile ht.

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Help SpiderMan win Cinemas April 16! The Amazing SpiderMan 2 is At 16! Read More include SpiderMan 2 is At Cinemas April with this Spidey suit! The Amazing his Greatest Battle Type Bundle Description Read MoreMissing eventMust.

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The RBB Event is a near failure : roblox

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Antlers in Roblox Halloween Event In the Web Infested have to join this item you'll as a prize I show you In this video how to get order to get in the 2018.