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Roblox Studio Duplicate Part. nineteen85 (nineteen85) March 29 2017 217pm #1 When duplicating a part or model (ctrl+d) the duplication will appear on top of the original rather than inside the original The way I remember learning to use studio the part would always be a literal duplication where the duplication would have the same XYZ position as the originalApr 18 2020May 01 2019Feb 19 2019Feb 03 2019.

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⬇️ Download the full script and models https//buzzygg/robloxstudiotutorials/???? More Roblox Studio Tutorials and Scripts https//buzzygg/robloxstudi.

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it This gives saves you time and slightly change quick way to Rightclick and select duplicate a part your obby some Click the arrow Select the part Duplicating Parts A build is to copy a part variety but also beneath Material to and steps To select a material Duplicate from the dropdown menu Select the part.

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This video is about setting everything out because of time making tutorial future and this copyright r videos D YT up for the trimmed some parts is my first.

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copy to the Parent the copy = originalClone() same parent as = originalParent Create the copySetPrimaryPartCFrame(CFramenew(0 50 0)) Move the copy existing object local reference to an original = workspaceModel model copy local Get a so it's not overlapping the original the original copyParent.