Roblox Ww2 Era Map

Roblox Ww2 Era Map. This would be a WWII Version of PF with ‘authentic’ 18501950 guns The system of unlocking guns would be based on what era they were from (eg original Mosin Nagant would be unlocked for default SKS would be unlocked at a high rank) and only some guns will be unlocked at a different rank to their era (eg 1858 Carbine at a medium rank).

Roblox Ww2 Uncopylocked Roblox German Base Uncopylocked roblox ww2 era map
Roblox Ww2 Uncopylocked Roblox German Base Uncopylocked from heq.hc3phloem.fun

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German Base Uncopylocked Uncopylocked Roblox Roblox Ww2

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