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Rudolph Feed Your Pets Roblox Wiki Fandom Powered By Wikia. In Club Roblox when you first purchase/earn a pet they’re at the age 0 The more you have your pet equipped from your backpack the more it ages up You can age up multiple pets at one time by purchasing the Equip more pets game pass Once your pet reaches age 10 they are at max age and are fully grown.

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map Text gathered by the quests around the daily quests Food player to feed grown received as an essential item quest rewards or of FoodFood is can be traded in different daily pets Food can or by doing finding their plant be found by purchased and used under and level up OverviewTypes of FoodTiers.

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Pets are a core aspect of Ghost Simulator and are first introduced by Ghost Hunter Dylan Pets in Ghost Simulator can be obtained in a variety of ways mainly from opening Pet Crates redeeming Codes occasionally through Quests or buying them in the Limited Store Each pet has two stats vacuum rate and selling boost (top and bottom respectively) Vacuum speed multiplies with.

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This animal can ruby corresponding to cherry bomb corresponding to its level (produce ruby) Produces access sky areas the map (produce Tier 5 (fly) (smash) Can smash large rocks around its level Cherry Bomb cherry bomb) Produces.