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Youtube Ethan Gamer Tv Playing Roblox. History Ethan was born on July 9 2006 In August 2013 Ethan would create his channel on Youtube as a ‘father and son’ project due to him watching other kids create videos of them playing video games In February 2016 Ethan would be nominated for the ‘UK Best Tipster’ category in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2016In response to the award Ethan stated that it was.

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TRAPPED inside ROBLOX for new Roblox Lets play Roblox!Subscribe HQ and I need to ESCAPE!! video I become In today's Roblox videos!→ http//bitly/2fbVwEMPrev.

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EthanGamer (born July 9 2006 [age 15]) formerly EthanGamerTV (often shortened to EGTV) is an English male teen kid gaming YouTuber which is wellknown for playing the online game Roblox with his most popular series besides Roblox being Red Ball 4 on Mobile He is voiced by Dustin from Robozuna and VocalWare Kimberly or Justin two (2) GoAnimate voices.

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Roblox Video ︎ video! In this https//youtube/_ozldR0jGBsNext Ro I am back episode I play Roblox ESCAPE SCHOOL OBBY! Let's play!Previous with another ROBLOX.

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